Wickquoting #1: Avatar

So, as everybody already realized, Avatar is a (can’t say cheap, after all, its budget was over 200 million) ripoff of stories like Pocahontas. Due to the predictable plot, it was difficult to feel any suspense or thrill throughout the film.  And because it lacked suspense, connections couldn’t really be made between the characters and audience.  Suspense causes people to worry for the character’s well being, allowing for audiences to have a more intimate experience with the film.  Seriously, the only thing I was worrying about while watching the movie was what people nowadays think of as a good film and, oh, if I left the oven on.

Upon realizing the obvious storyline (it only took about the first 15 mins of the film), I tried to focus on and enjoy the visual effects of Avatar.  Sure the graphics looks amazing and all, but this kind of visual look has already been done and will only get better as time goes on.  The visual quality of a film shouldn’t decide the film’s value/worth.  In fact, most of the famous films in history have a terrible, grainy quality to them, including The Man with the Moving Camera, The Graduate, and the original Star Wars.

If this is want people want nowadays, I fear for future cinema

What I really didn’t like about Avatar was it’s unoriginality.  I mean, sure it has blue people instead of Native Americans and the setting is in a different world instead than Earth, but those are just physical/outter changes; they don’t change the overall story at all.  It’s similar to how scriptwriters edit other scriptwriters’ works and just change the name of the characters and places just so they can change the bare minimum percentage of the script in order to claim the rights of the whole script.  Sure James Cameron is a great, successful director, but he def isn’t my favorite.  Many people seem to disagree with me, judging from the 2,105,500,000 gross revenue that Avatar brought in so far.  2 BILLION?!!  I guess you can still be extremely successful while being totally unoriginal.  What a world we live in.



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