Wick-Quoting #22: The Other Guys

Funny?  Eh, it makes you laugh here and there, but continuous laughter?  I don’t think this movie gots it.

The Other Guys, starring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, basically is a comedy about two cops with baggage trying to prove themselves to both their colleagues and themselves.  Most of the comedy is awkward and situational.  Will Ferrell definitely pushes the film forward, adding his flavor to the story.  He is the reason many people go see his films.  The other guy (pun intended), Mark Wahlberg, to me, is lesser known and frankly not that funny.  His character is too serious and bursts into yelling scenarios way too often.  It really gets annoying after a while.  It just makes you want to give him a chill pill.

I've got anger problems

The story, the reason why the two guys try so hard to catch the bad guys, is not very clear; especially if you don’t have a background with how criminal investments work.  Half the time, I just accepted that the bad guys were bad.  The very fact that they act like bad guys is enough reason for the main characters to chase them down.  I had to accept this in order to just sit and enjoy the movie.

Locked & Loaded

While the funny parts are funny, I just wished that the film focused more on humor than on the story.  Also, the film was very unclear at some parts (as mentioned earlier).  For example, why would two star cops just jump off a building?  It made no sense at all.  Perhaps that’s the funny thing about it, and I just didn’t catch it.  See what I did there?  Never mind.

Whoa, it's those guys

Occasional appearances of Will Ferrell is nice (all of the films that he’s in does make money afterall).  However, it seems like he’s losing his element of humor little by little as time goes on.  He lacks a catch phrase and a solid persona, although his quirkiness can make anyone smile.

The Other Guys, while funny at times, is one of those “one time seeing movies.”  It’s actually one of the better “otsm.”



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