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Wick-Quoting #31: The Green Hornet (2011)

“Let’s roll, Kato!”


The Green Hornet is a pretty surprising movie for a variety of reasons, all in unexpectedly enjoyable ways.  To begin with, I had never heard of The Green Hornet before hearing of this film.  The Green Lantern, sure, but… Hornet?  New to me.  Here’s another surprising tidbit of news: prominent Taiwanese pop star Jay Chou (Kato) co-stars in this film alongside Seth Rogen (Britt Reid).  And he does a great job.  To those of you unversed in Asian pop music, Jay Chou is one of Asia’s biggest names.  He has a long and very accomplished career backing him up, and although I honestly do not know if any acting is on his resume, that doesn’t really matter because Jay Chou does a fine job with a great character.  By the way, yes, his English is perfectly understandable, and I do also have to add that he looks great in a suit.  (Don’t worry, that has no effect upon the objectivity of this review.)

An interesting choice of actors

The Green Hornet takes a few superhero related ideas that have been done before, i.e. powerless normal human being decides he wants to try his hand at being a hero, and rich kid with a lot of money and thus powerful technology uses all this to fight the bad guys.  However, The Green Hornet takes those ideas and gives them a very comedic and light hearted spin.  One liners are all over the place in this film and for the most part they’re very funny.  The villain, Chudnovsky (otherwise known as BLOODnovsky!), is played by Christopher Waltz, villain of Quentin Tarantino’s film Inglorious Basterds, and after hearing that fact you should already know that yes, the villain is awesome.  A hilarious badass with image issues and a double barrel gun – Waltz’s charm and unique touch as a villain is all over this character and the film definitely would not be what it is without him.  Additionally, even Cameron Diaz as the somewhat unconventional love interest does a great job.  Overall, this film bucks the traditions followed by most superhero movies with awesome results.

An interesting gun

Just to sum up, if any of you reading this couldn’t tell by now I really enjoyed the movie.  It greatly surpassed my expectations and although it is by no means perfect – for example, there are a few scenes between Britt and Kato that drag a bit despite the comedic sparks between the pair, and which might be spoiler-ish to disclose here – I highly recommend it.  For those of you interested in the roles of Asians in mainstream Hollywood (aka those of you who probably shunned The Last Airbender), I am sure you’ll find a lot to applaud in The Green Hornet as the thoroughly-Asian Kato gets a lot of great scenes and lines that rival those of the film’s star Britt Reid himself.  Overall, go give The Green Hornet a chance, and you may find yourself pleasantly surprised.

An interesting scene


Quoted by Sawazz

MWP: 7.7

Wick-Quoting #15: Knight and Day

I should’ve learned my lesson after watching Killers a couple of weeks ago.  But no, I just had to risk it again.. for Tom Cruise.  Sadly, Tom Cruise isn’t doing that hot these days, meaning Knight and Day is a big no and NO!!

The film is your typical action/comedy summer flick.  The plot has nothing new to add to the genre.  It’s pretty much what we’ve all seen before a million times already – a secret agent and an innocent civilian join forces and shoot people.  Yes, there’s your car chase on a highway, explosions, gun fights, and the “kiss” at the end – very generic, the same old story.  You can’t even say that the ending is predictable, cause the whole story has no twists.  It’s like Fox is trying to dust off of True Lies (1994); Arnold Schwarzernegger’s golden days.

There's your big guns..

Needless to say, Knight and Day is doing  terribly in terms of profit.  With a production budge of 117 million, it has only made a bit over 44 million; and that already includes foreign grosses too!  This is going to slap Cruise later for the possible sequel: Mission: Impossible 4.  “Possible” because Paramount said they might reconsider the sequel unless Knight and Day does well.  Regardless whether if Knight and Day brings in any money, Mission: Impossible 4 will still most likely be made, with a younger actor attached to the project.  Cruise is losing his sparkle.  It’s a shame really, especially considering his new found popularity resulting from his Les Grossman character.

..and there's your chase scene

So if you’re itching to go to the movies, do not waste your time on Knight and Day.  Go see Toy Story 3 or.. uh.. yeah Toy Story 3.  I can’t believe the writers get paid so much for the crap that they spew out.  Nothing about this film is original.  Explosions, super weapons, and geeky geniuses, we get it, stop using the same old shit, please.  It’s like James Bond, but so much worse cause at least James Bond is a reliable franchise.  You’d think out of all the writers out there in Hollywood, they’d have a story that’s much more interesting and involving.  The title of the film doesn’t even make sense.  They just slapped on a common, witty phrase.  At least Killers (although a horrible title as well) describes the film in its own, vague way.  The word “knight” only has to do with a small figure of a knight in the film and the main character’s last name; minor details that have no influence of what the film is about.  And the connection with “day” is no where to be seen.  It’s not like all the scenes happen during the daytime.  From title, to story, to characters – totally uncreative.

This is MY glove!!

Even if you’re a fan of Cameron Diaz’s smile and Tom Cruise’s “charm” I wouldn’t recommend seeing the film (if you haven’t noticed by now).  “With me, without me.  With me, without me.”

I’m going to have to choose “without you.”


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