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Wick-Quoting #49: Crazy, Stupid, Love.

“I’m going to help you rediscover your manhood.  Do you have any idea where you could have lost it?”


I didn’t have any sort of strong interest in watching Crazy, Stupid, Love. (from now on referred to as CSL).  The trailer didn’t show any sort of promise, besides the fact of having Steve Carell and Emma Stone, both being very funny people.  So I was shocked at how entertaining the movie actually turned out to be.  CSL is a lot similar to Bridesmaids – not because the stories are the same, but because both are not as popular romantic comedies that are actually topnotch in their genre.

Michae... I mean Steve Carell pulling on some moves

It is no surprise that the cast of the movie helps with the entertainment – after all, Steve Carell and Emma Stone both starred in successful romantic comedies themselves (The 40 Year-Old Virgin and Easy A respectively).  Steve Carell is always fun to watch, although in this movie he plays more of a middle aged loser than a goofy guy.  All the other actors are alright too and the kid actor, Jonah Bobo, is surprisingly not that bad.  He is not one of those kid actors who make you cringe.

The couple in question

The situational humor is pretty good in CSL and there is one moment in the movie where all the separate stories come together, creating a pretty awesome scene of confusion, anger, and awkwardness. Even though I find some parts of the story to be a bit shallow, the movie still is touching and runs on the ideal of giving second chances.  So despite the awful trailer, give CSL a second chance and watch it.  The movie is guaranteed to give you some good laughs.


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Ander: 9.2

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Wick-Quoting #38: Easy A

“I just thought of the funniest thing.  My name is an anagram for ‘I love.'”


There was a bit of a hype when Easy A initially came out – and rightfully so.  The movie is fresh and contains plenty of original jokes.  Combine all that with Emma Stone, you got an enjoyable film to watch during the break.

How is Emma Stone not more popular?

Emma Stone is Easy A’s “pocket full of sunshine.”  Not only is she pretty, but she is funny and quirky in a good way as well.  Her personality is what makes the film so much more enjoyable to watch.  While the content of the film isn’t quite that amazing, Emma Stone fills in all the gaps which the film skips over.  The story does not have any major plot twists: it is more of a slice-of-life sort of narrative.

Students clean bathrooms now?

Because the film does not have cgi or any major stars, the budget was only 8 million total.  Easy A was able to bring in about 74 million, which isn’t bad – actually this is pretty good news for Emma Stone, considering that she was almost going to star in Sucker Punch instead.  Not only did Sucker Punch cost more to make (82 million), but just barely broke even (89 million), which goes to show the difference in quality between the two films.

I miss the days of tray lunches.

So the grade, not quite an A:


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