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Wickquoting #2: Sherlock Holmes

I enjoyed Sherlock Holmes a whole lot more than Avatar.  Why?  For 3 simple reasons.  1) The characters were pretty likable and it was interesting to watch them interact with one another.  2) The plot was much, much, MUCH, less obv than Avatar’s.  3) Robert Downey, Jr.

Even so, the film wasn’t as great as it could have been.  Its main drawback was not its story, but its story telling.  As Sherlock discovered evidence and made connections about the mystery, he failed to take the audience along with him.  This forced viewers to have little, or no idea of how certain mysteries happened until the very end of the film where Sherlock explains everything, I mean EVERYTHING.  Most of the evidence weren’t even that apparent during the movie.  You would’ve had to watch the film already to catch some of them.

The film is still enjoyable.  Unique fighting scenes and Robert Downey, Jr really gives the film a different flavor.  Robert Downey, Jr is such a great actor.  His performance in Sherlock Holmes reminded me of his character in Tropic Thunder, ahaha.

Whew, just look at that expression


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