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Wick-Quoting #31: The Green Hornet (2011)

“Let’s roll, Kato!”


The Green Hornet is a pretty surprising movie for a variety of reasons, all in unexpectedly enjoyable ways.  To begin with, I had never heard of The Green Hornet before hearing of this film.  The Green Lantern, sure, but… Hornet?  New to me.  Here’s another surprising tidbit of news: prominent Taiwanese pop star Jay Chou (Kato) co-stars in this film alongside Seth Rogen (Britt Reid).  And he does a great job.  To those of you unversed in Asian pop music, Jay Chou is one of Asia’s biggest names.  He has a long and very accomplished career backing him up, and although I honestly do not know if any acting is on his resume, that doesn’t really matter because Jay Chou does a fine job with a great character.  By the way, yes, his English is perfectly understandable, and I do also have to add that he looks great in a suit.  (Don’t worry, that has no effect upon the objectivity of this review.)

An interesting choice of actors

The Green Hornet takes a few superhero related ideas that have been done before, i.e. powerless normal human being decides he wants to try his hand at being a hero, and rich kid with a lot of money and thus powerful technology uses all this to fight the bad guys.  However, The Green Hornet takes those ideas and gives them a very comedic and light hearted spin.  One liners are all over the place in this film and for the most part they’re very funny.  The villain, Chudnovsky (otherwise known as BLOODnovsky!), is played by Christopher Waltz, villain of Quentin Tarantino’s film Inglorious Basterds, and after hearing that fact you should already know that yes, the villain is awesome.  A hilarious badass with image issues and a double barrel gun – Waltz’s charm and unique touch as a villain is all over this character and the film definitely would not be what it is without him.  Additionally, even Cameron Diaz as the somewhat unconventional love interest does a great job.  Overall, this film bucks the traditions followed by most superhero movies with awesome results.

An interesting gun

Just to sum up, if any of you reading this couldn’t tell by now I really enjoyed the movie.  It greatly surpassed my expectations and although it is by no means perfect – for example, there are a few scenes between Britt and Kato that drag a bit despite the comedic sparks between the pair, and which might be spoiler-ish to disclose here – I highly recommend it.  For those of you interested in the roles of Asians in mainstream Hollywood (aka those of you who probably shunned The Last Airbender), I am sure you’ll find a lot to applaud in The Green Hornet as the thoroughly-Asian Kato gets a lot of great scenes and lines that rival those of the film’s star Britt Reid himself.  Overall, go give The Green Hornet a chance, and you may find yourself pleasantly surprised.

An interesting scene


Quoted by Sawazz

MWP: 7.7

Wick-Quoting #17: Inception

One of the main reasons why Inception is so appealing is because it gives spectators a challenge.  Unlike other films, it assumes people are smart enough to understand what films have to offer.  And people like being treated as being smart.  Don’t you all… you intelligent readers you.

The shots were amazing in this movie

Even before the film came out, I knew (along with a bunch of others) that it would be highly entertaining and be considered an amazing film.  Why?  Just look at the players that make up the film.  First of all, Christopher Nolan wrote and directed.  However, you can’t really trust the legitimacy of a film based on the director alone though.  See what happened to M. Night Shyamalan with The Last Airbender?  Besides Nolan, there’s the awesome cast with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page, Marion Cotillard, Michael Caine, and many others.  I sort of saw Leonardo DiCaprio as someone who could’ve been easily replaced by another male lead actor.  But he still did an awesome job as the leader of the pack.  And the music was “sensational” (for you AGT people out there).  If a film has Hans Zimmer as its composer, chances are, it’s going to blow you away.

Why is he stalking me?

After watching the film, many people said that some of the scenes reminded them of The Matrix.  For example, the scene in the hallway of the hotel where gravity is shifted about is similar to Neo bending the rules in the Matrix.  I’d have to disagree.  In The Matrix, the character, Neo, is the one who controls he’s unique abilities and bends perception.  In Inception, the strange bending of gravity is not caused by the characters, but by an outer force which they cannot control.  If anything, Inception, reminded me Nolan’s previous work, The Dark Knight.  The epicness of the films, the interesting shots, and the familiar actors, all caused me to think of Batman while watching Inception.  It makes much more sense.  The characters in Inception don’t even wear sunglasses.  And like the guys in Inception, Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight has a slick back hair style.

Similar to this shot, other shots in Inception contain vanishing points

If there’s a film to watch this summer, it is definitely this one.  Just look at Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s facial expression here.

He has an awkward smile on during the car chasing scenes too

The ending of the film doesn’t matter.  Whether the spinning top falls or not, who cares.  You watch the film, are entertained, what more do you need?  Really, the last scene is just something that Nolan added at the end to make you think more about the film and say, “maybe I should go watch the movie again and see if it’s real or not.”  So it’s not as much of a story-adding scene as it is a marketing ploy.

Who's to say that the top spins in a dream?

Now to look forward to Nolan’s next big film.. Batman 3!!


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