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Wick-Quoting #23: Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole

I remember back in the day when I was ordering books in elementary school, I loved to order books about owls.  This is how I started to read Guardians of Ga’Hoole books.  It’s no wonder why I was unusually excited for this movie.  However, even though the story was great from what I remembered, the movie version just couldn’t deliver the same storytelling aspect.

After watching the trailer, it is very apparent that the film excels in one popular area – graphics.  The graphics and animation in this movie are just too much.  I’m surprised that they decided to put so much detail in what’s considered to be a “little kids” film.  Therefore, it is safe to say that Legend of the Guardians is great in two ways:

1) Stunning visuals

2) & the ability to attract a broad audience, besides just children.

This is definitely not one of those movies which parents take their kids to and not pay attention to what’s going on (like Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa).

I dodge them lightnings!!

Even though the movie looks amazing, there are a couple of negatives that get to be really annoying (and hilarious after a while).  First off, the film is like a child’s version of 300.  There are more slow-mo scenes in this movie than in Matrix Reloaded, no joke.  There is one part during a chase where almost every movement is a slow-mo.  Not to say that the over abundance of slow-mo scenes are terrible, but it’s quite obvious that the filmmakers wanted to emphasize the amazing graphics through slow movements.  The back-to-back matrix scenes make this film unique in an unexpected way.


A negative that got on my nerves were the voice acting.  The main character’s voice is super annoying.  Most of the time, he sounds like a loser whining about dreams (which his brother points out).  And what’s with the accent?  Is giving the protagonist an annoying accent really necessary?  While it is true that movies should develop certain characters so you like them and root for them, I just couldn’t bring myself to be a fan of Soren.


The last point which I’d like to bring up is the plot/character development.  Because the movie is based on books, it has the Harry Potter syndrome.  The Harry Potter syndrome is when movies don’t seem complete and skip around a lot because there’s too much to fit in a ~2 hr movie.  Legend of the Guardians reminded me of Harry Potter movies during the scenes when the owls were shown engaging briefly in different lessons.  This problem could have been easily avoided if the movie was just a bit longer – it is only 1 hr and 30 mins long.  But I guess the movie is intentionally short because it is targeted for young audiences.  Similarly, all the Shrek movies are around 1 hr and 30 mins long.  Omg, no wonder…

Watch the movie, or turn out like me.

With a budget of 80 million, the movie has made around 134 million so far, which isn’t that bad, but not that great either.  Thank goodness for foreign theaters which brought in 80 million of the total.  This only goes to show how much money can be made from audiences overseas.  Do not underestimate the power of the foreign side.

Unless sales stay strong, I don’t think we’ll be seeing anymore of these owls in the future.  But the film is still worth a watch, especially for its graphics.


Wick-Quoting #18: Despicable Me

After I saw the first trailers for this movie, I was like, “wtf is this about?”  Then, later on, when the trailers revealed the little girls, it become all too obvious.  Basically, Despicable Me is about a villain who learns to become a caring father.  Now that we know what it’s about, why should we watch it?  To find out how it happens..

Ballet lessons?

I have to admit, Despicable Me is not a challenging or unique film.  The protagonist, Grue, and the children end up loving each other after each suffer hardships.  Because of the simplicity of the story, the film seems to be directed towards children a little more than I’d like (especially cause when watching the film at the theaters; there’s always some loud kid at a “children’s” movie).  Even so, the film is doing very well, having a worldwide gross of 188 million, with a production budget of only 69 million.  With such a low budget, it’s strange how the film has quite the popular voice actors, including Steve Carrell, Jason Segel, Russell Brand, Will Arnett, and Kristen Wiig.  Everyone’s favorite character, Agnes, the little girl, is voiced by some unknown girl.  Don’t look up who she is; it’ll just ruin your image of the cute character she plays.

I wanna go to a carnival too

The film has some addictive (and lame) lines.  Sadly, most of the good ones are shown in the trailers.  What the trailers fail to depict is how enjoyable the minions really are.  The minions are interesting characters – they have low jobs and are expendable, yet, they are key spectacles in the film.  What I mean by spectacle is they don’t help really in furthering the story.  While being fun to watch, they freeze the plot, making them only candy to the eye, similar to how women are treated in the majority of Hollywood films.  Even so, I feel they put in the right amount of scenes with the minions to make the film cute and funny, but not too much as to make the film of just adorable scenes.

Minions, get me a bapoy!!

So is Despicable Me the best animation film of this summer?  Sadly, no (it’s pretty obvious what is though).  However, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth the watch.  Considering that it is a new franchise, Despicable Me is doing really well in terms of both profit and popularity.  Especially when you look at how it has to compete with Inception and Toy Story 3 – both very tough opponents.

Angel? No.. I'm your inner demon!!

The film is definitely targeted towards little kids (and possibly girls), not so much older boys (like me).  The minions def make this film a popular one.


Wick-Quoting #6: Kick-Ass

It’s kind of like one of Michael Bay’s films, BUT WITH AN ACTUAL STORYLINE!!

You know how some films have trailers that are just so misleading?  The trailer for Kick-Ass is definitely misleading; it fails to preview exactly how AWESOME it is.  I’m going to cut straight to the point in the beginning here just to make it clear – Kick-Ass is one of the best (action) movies I’ve seen since The Dark Knight.  It has everything that you need for satisfying entertainment: intense action, blunt humor, and a touch of sexual interaction (you can’t avoid that in Hollywood, unfortunately).  Let me first start off with the plot.

The typical high school geeks

Because this film gives off the aura of a comedy/action flick, you’d expect it to be more focused on the action part and less on the story.  This is not the case with Kick-Ass, thankfully.  Although I must admit, the beginning is a bit slow in speed, the film makes sure you know the personalities and backgrounds of the characters.  The plot is not shaken by the intense action sequences sprinkled throughout the film, but rather, strengthened.  Much of why the characters do what they do, such as Damon/Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage), is clear from their stories and only makes the action that much better.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I for one am a fan of Nicolas Cage ever since National Treasure.  Bash on him all you want, but in Kick-Ass, he pretty much kicks ass (not Bangkok Dangerous style, thank god)


The smooth connection during this scene was ridiculously good

This film has one of the best action scenes that I’ve ever seen.  And it’s not like there’s only one or two moments of extreme, fighting pleasure; this film is loaded with them.  And each scene is very different from the other.  I didn’t want to blink at moments, because I didn’t want to miss any of the action.

Even though Dave/Kick-Ass (Aaron Johnson) was the main character, Mindy/Hit-Girl (Chloe Moretz) dominates the screen with the best action scenes.  It’s complete nonsense that people don’t agree with the film because a little girl is involved.  Without her, the film definitely wouldn’t have been the same.  There’s something about little girls kicking ass that makes it so much more enjoyable to watch.


This film really allowed Moretz to shine

The film contained a lot more shocks for me than just the overwhelming action.  For example, I didn’t think they’d actually show a guy being microwaved.  But they do.  And the finishing blow to the boss is both reassuring and shocking.  Reassuring because they give you doubts before in the film about whether they’ll actually show the bazooka being used.  Shocking because they actually do use it.

The film ties up nicely with the linking of vengeance mentioned first by Kick-Ass in the beginning of the film and later by Red Mist, hinting a possible (and obvious) sequel.


Just like what Miyazaki said, "When a girl is shooting a handgun, it's really something."

Just like how they mention in the film, it is amazing how nobody actually tried to become a superhero.  And it’s also amazing why nobody tried to make a film about it.  Thankfully, Vaughn has done a great job with it.  The main drawback is that the film is a bit long (almost two hours).  Even so, this film was worth every cent and second, and I hope you agree too.




PS: I realize that not everyone is going to like this film.  The characters aren’t that deep and and are pretty much one-sided; but seriously, you can’t expect them to be deep-ass, complex characters knowing that this film is suppose to be an action/comedy.

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