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My Rating System

So I’ve been getting (a lot of) emails on my rating system and what the numbers actually mean.  This post will help you all understand what movies you should and shouldn’t be watching based on the final numbers.

10 – This movie is completely flawless.  Of course, a rating of 10 will probably never exist because nothing is truly perfect (especially if people are involved).

9 – One helluva good movie.  You cannot miss/skip watching a movie with a rating of 9 or above.  To do so would be the equivalent of watching the whole Twilight series.  Back-to-back.  With your parents.

8 – A really nice movie as well, but with some apparent flaws.  For example, one actor is completely off/terrible (Star Wars) or there is a lack of character development (Zombieland).  A rating of 8 means a trip to the theaters is still definitely worth it.

7 – Not the best but still satisfying.  Watching a movie with a rating of 7 would not be considered a “waste of time.”  A couple of examples include Iron Man 2, I, Robot, and The Princess and the Frog.

6 – You know that feeling you get after you watch the closing scene of a movie, and you just sit there (not in awe)?  That is the feeling of a 6, the kid running between the beach and the ocean.  Anything lower is not worth your time.

5 – You’ve just spent $10 to sit in one spot for about 2 hrs.  Congrats.

4 – You call this a movie?

3 – Imagine a world where M. Night Shyamalan is considered the best director of all time and chick flicks are considered highly engaging.  You are at number 3.

2 – **

1 – *


So there you have it.  Hopefully the rating system makes much more sense now.  Basically, don’t pay attention to anything under a rating of 6, and definitely watch movies that are above a rating of 8.

Wickquoting #3: Zombieland

Here comes the hoard..

Some films are like wine.  You either love it or you don’t.  Zombieland is one of those films.  It is clear that the film is aimed towards guys (esp those who play video games).  With guns, girls, and zombie killing, what’s there to doubt?

A small bit actually.  The film has a unique style in which rules are shown (like a game) and humor is expressed, but it lacks a real finishing kicker.  It seems as though the director focused so much on character development, that he skipped over the depth and climax of the story.  It’s not to say that the plot was terrible, just that it didn’t have the umph that the film deserved.  Even though the film is set in many different settings (grocery store, mansion, theme park, etcetc) there’s a sense that the film ends too quickly.

This could actually be viewed as a d^__^b thing, leaving viewers wanting more.  This will only increase the hype for the sequel.  With comedy mixed in zombie shooting, it’s no wonder Zombieland is now the top-grossing zombie film to date.

So, like wine, even if this is not your kind of film, taking a sip once in a while is a good thing.  It’s def a new experience.


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